Back To Tomorrow
by Gwynn Morgan
ISBN: 1-59279-182-4 (Electronic)
ISBN: 1-59279-792-X (Paperback)
Amber Quill Press



Back to Tomorrow ~ Available now from Amber Quill Press!

Librarian Emily Dennison has always loved history, but catapulted into 1889 Tombstone, she finds iq option life far from the idyll she imagined. Meeting Zach Tremaine, a newspaperman from Philadelphia, she gets involved in his quest to rescue his younger sister from her abusive paramour, gambler Jake McEuen. This leads to more adventure than Emily ever thought possible. Eventually she has to confess to Zach that she is from far away, not in distance but in time. Fearful of being torn back to 2000, but missing her modern conveniences, she hardly dares to love him, though she aches to Trading Platform.

Zach isn't quite sure what to make of Emily, so different from any woman he has ever known but so sweet and spunky that she wins his admiration and soon his heart. Just when he thinks he has convinced her they belong together, a bolt of lightning tears her away. Or was it Joker Jake McEuen, seeking revenge? Can Zach live long enough to search until he finds her? Can she get back to tomorrow in time IQ Option Qatar to save him from McEuen's murderous rage?


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